Just before the US September holiday weekend, the first Refresh for
Designer 4.02 was released. (Aug 31, 2012).

Initially I thought that this was what used to be known as Auto Updates
and had been renamed to Refresh. But this is apparently a quick release
to fix some important bugs.

You can go get it, if you go to the Help menu, Check for Designer
Updates. There is no standalone download yet. (Auto Update 2 for
Designer 4.01 eventually got one). However, if you have a Designer
instance behind a firewall with no internet access you can just go to a
Internet friendly workstation, open a browser to:


Download the entire file structure, (wget is your friend) copy it over
to the protected server (somehow) and then you can point your Designer
instance to it, with a URL format of something like:

file:///c:/path/to/file/structure (Where the end node is the directory
with the site.xml file. Note the three forward slashes) On Unix file
systems, obviously the path is simpler, no need for c:/ stuff.

Auto Update 1 is still pending, and looking at the bug list for that
one, I see some interesting bugs fixed, looking forward to its release!