Hi All

I have a problem where users are created using a template in eDir that
has group memberships to be added. When a new user is created, the user
add fails in AD with an unwilling to perform error. I've checked the
forums and related TIDs about solving this, but none of them work.
The error is seen if a new user is created without the template and
then added to the group in eDir as a separate action, but the AD driver
will throw the error and then in a second transaction add the member
anyway. The trace shows that the first event is trying to modify the
memberof attribute which will always fail anyway, the second event is
using member and succeeds The way I've found around this is to stop the
groupmembership attribute synching through the subscriber channel on the
AD driver filter. I can't remember having this issue before. There are
some groups that exist in eDir that don't in AD, but shouldn't that just
throw a warning rather than an error?
Could it be anything to do with using Designer 4.0.2 to manipulate 361

What's the best way to add a trace file?

I'm using 3.6.1 with latest patches, the same with the remote loader.


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