Hello everyone,

i have problems with the JDBC group provisioning. My plan:

Groups on MySQL-Database-Server --> via JDBC ---> to ID Vault (only
publishing from MySQL to ID Vault).

The groups (with user memberships) which are stored in the
MySQL-Database should be published to the ID Vault. So far
everything works fine for me, the groups with memberships are published
to ID Vault. But now the big problem: Because it is an oneway-sync
from MySQL to ID Vault, i can't add users on the ID Vault to any
manually created group (which are not published through

The reason seems to be, that on changes in the MySQL-Database, the
group memberships in the ID Vault are overwritten through the sync.

Is there any way, that the sync isn't overwriting group memberships of
manually created groups. I think it's possible to solve this problem
bidirectional sync - but this isn't my goal.

Anyone some ideas? Thank you very much.

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