Please forgive my ignorance, but I was not aware that the IDM Bundled Editions
do not allow to use the Loopback and Null shims, thus making it impossible to
run the PWNotify driver in such an environment. A discussion in the edir.linux
forums made me aware of this just now and I tried to find a way to run the
driver on a shim that is included in BE and it seems astonishingly simple to
use the edir2edir shim with the PWNotify driver as a replacement for the NULL

1. install and configure the driver as ususal, from package or driver config
file, which ever you prefer.
2. change the Java shim class name to
"com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.nds.DriverShimIm pl"
3. add the following into the "Connection Information" field: ""
(or any other free port)
4. add the GUID attribute to the User class in the filter (subscriber sync,
publisher ignore)

Start the driver and it should work, at least for the functionality of the Base
Notification Service and the Account Notification Addon. The Jobs and Triggers
Addon will not work, since the edir2edir driver does not connect and loopback
in this configuration - hope you won't miss it too much.

I'll add BE support into the next version of the package, too, but this might
take another while, sorry.

Cheers, Lothar