I'm trying to configure auditing for IDM 3.6.1/eDirectory 8.8.6 to Log

I have selected Log errors and warnings on the Log Level tab on the
driverset in iManager.

After applying the changes, closing and reopening the same tab, Log XDAS
events is selected:

This is then shown as selected:
Metadirectory Engine Errors
Metadirectory Engine Warnings

But from what I can see in Log Manager, IDM sends more info than I want.

It logs the driver health job *all* the time and it runs every minute.
I see this in my log:
Severity: 1
Open Driver Action
DriverHealthJob, DRIVERNAME
within xxxxx
from xxxxx
Message: Inject command: Open Driver Action verb client: xxxxxx driver:
xxxxxx result: 0 message: <null>

The VendorEventCode is 000307DF for that event.

That the health job is running correctly does not interest me, how can I
configure IDM from not sending this to Log Manager?