I'm just begining with the powershell scripting driver and I'm unable
to get my first values.

For example in the modify.ps1, I set :


To get the list of modified attributes, but this return an error:

25.09.2012 17:35:30 At C:\Program
Files\Novell\WSDriver\scripts\powershell\IDMLib.ps 1:189 char:29 +
-or ($name.substring <<<< (0, 7) -eq "REMOVE_" -and $name.substring(0,
11) -ne "REMOVE_REF_")) {

Does anyone has a small example of how to get modified attributes with
powershell ?

(with bash, I could do CN=`IDMGETVAR "CN" `and then use my variable
with the appname)

Thanks a lot


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