Hi All,

I am facing an issue related to AD driver when the driver attempts to
create mailbox for new users(migrating from IDV to AD).

Mailbox creation seems to be failing for users who have
apostrophes(below example user) in their names. However,
mailbox(homeMDB) creation works perfectly for users who doesn't have
punctuation marks in them.

I took a test user who had apostrophe in the name and migrated through
AD. AD driver creates the user perfectly but Iam getting the below error
in the AD driver log files:

<status level="error" text1="Exchange 2007" type="exchange">Exchange
2007 Exception. code:0x00000400 Error completing exchange 2007 command.
ERROR: The string starting:
At line:1 char:427
+ Enable-Mailbox -Identity 'CN=Catherine
O'Shea,OU=Users,OU=CASUAL,DC=bth-pp,DC=catholic,DC=edu,DC=au' -Database
'CN=Mailbox Database,CN=First Storage
Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=CEO
-DomainController 'BAT-GS-IDM-APP1 &lt;&lt;&lt;&lt; '
is missing the terminator: '.</status>

Googling the error suggests that it is because the user have apostrophe
in the name.

Just wanted to check if anyone faced the above issue and if so, how was
it rectified
We are using Exchange 2007 and AD server - windows 2008 R2. IDM version
we are using is 3.6..

Advice appreciated!!

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