I'm trying to add a user to the source directory when an email alias is
added to a user object. So for each email alias on each user object,
their is a new user object created. I created a Null driver to do this.
All seems to be going well, and I've read the documentation on how to
add a source object, along with source attribute values. however, I am
stuck on a Missing Mandatory attribute, and I can't find what I am
missing. It doesn't look like the trace will tell me which attribute is
missing, I'm only getting the message:

Message: Code(-9010) An exception occurred:
novell.jclient.JCException: createEntry -609 ERR_MISSING_MANDATORY

I have gone through the user object to make sure I have all the
mandatory attributes, and I seem to. I have added all the other
attributes I needed as well, but no go. If I can only find out what
attribute it is complaining about, I think all will be good.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to obtain this information?


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