The Exchange cmdlet return an error :
DirXML: [10/03/12 15:48:16.53]: ADDriver: object changes complete
DirXML: [10/03/12 15:48:19.01]: ADDriver: IDM Exchange Service Response
ERROR: Unable to find '' computer information in domain
controller '' to perform the suitability check. Verify the
fully qualified domain name.

Because the -DomainController option is wrong:

DirXML: [10/03/12 15:48:05.11]: ADDriver: Enabling mailbox...
Enable-Mailbox -Identity 'CN=Maertchik\,
Sylvain,OU=Users,OU=Staff_Root,DC=aaa,DC=bbb,DC=ch ' -Alias
'Maertchik.Sylvain' -Database 'cn=StaffKO,CN=Databases,CN=Exchange
Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT),CN=Administrative
Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=aaa,DC=bb b,DC=ch'
-DomainController ''

"" is the default DNS name for the domain, but the
-DomainCOntroller requires the FQDN of the DC.

Does anyone know where to set this value ?


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