I am building a solution, where user data from SAP HR are used for
creating/modifying user data in Identity Vault.
If a user is created in SAP HR with a Begin Date in the past or today,
my solution works as designed.
If a user is created in SAP HR with a Begin Date in the future, ie.
November 5, the user is created in Identity Vault, but not all expected
attributes are populated, and as these attributes are not present in the
IDOC, my problem should not be related to the settings in the driver
regarding future dated events (my setting is Publish Immediately).
The specific attribute, I'm concerned about, is
I have tried to make a XSLT with a query for this attribute, but it
doesn't return a value.
I have also tried to query for one more attribute, which does return a
value - the "P0001:ENAME:none:196:40" seems not to be accessible before
November 5,.
Using SAP's PFAL command does not include it either - it is included
when using PFAL on a user who is now active (originally future, if you
understand what I mean ;o) ).

My query looks like this:
<query class-name="p" event-id="0" scope="entry" timestamp="20121105">
<xsl:copy-of select="association"/>
<read-attr attr-name="P0001:ORGEH:none:125:8" timestamp="20121105"/>
<read-attr attr-name="P0001:ENAME:none:196:40" timestamp="20121105"/>

The trace looks like this:
<nds dtdversion="1.0" ndsversion="8.5">
<query class-name="p" event-id="0" scope="entry"
<read-attr attr-name="P0001:ORGEH:none:125:8"
<read-attr attr-name="P0001:ENAME:none:196:40"
[10/09/12 11:10:46.257]:SAP HR Integration Driver PT: Remote Interface
Driver: Document sent.
[10/09/12 11:10:46.257]:SAP HR Integration Driver :Remote Interface
Driver: Received.
[10/09/12 11:10:46.272]:SAP HR Integration Driver :
<nds dtdversion="1.0" ndsversion="8.5">
<product build="20110402_121415" instance="SAP HR Integration
Driver" version="3.6.3">DirXML Driver for SAP/HR</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<instance class-name="p" event-id="SAP HR Integration
Driver:O_001_0000000002058659:P+00007258:TEP" src-dn="00007258"
<attr attr-name="P0001:ORGEH:none:125:8">
<value seqnr="000"

As you see, I have tried to include a timestamp in my query (have also
tried timestamp="20121105-99991231"), which seems to have no effect.
I have not been able to find any documentation regarding how to specify
the time...

Anyone having a clue?

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