I have an IDM text driver that takes a CSV file and is only used to
match up (we don't use it to CREATE anything) our users in eDir and then
update them accordingly.

I noticed this in the trace log:

> <output>
> <instance class-name="User" event-id="0"
> qualified-src-dn="O=ABC\OU=CO\OU=SUB1\OU=SUB2\CN=jepoleto"
> src-dn="\TREENAME\ABC\CO\SUB1\SUB2\jepoleto" src-entry-id="38895">
> <association state="associated">jedelsig</association>
> </instance>
> <status event-id="0" level="success"></status>
> </output>
> <status level="error">Code(-9063) Object matching policy found an
> object that is already associated: {0}.<operation-data
> error.do-find-matching-object="\TREENAME\ABC\CO\SUB1\SUB2\jepoleto"/>

Now, it seems that this is caused by an eDir rename.

eDir userid USED to be: jedelsig, and now it's: jepoleto

The Text driver/file we have can ONLY match on userid (there's nothing
else that's matchable/unique other than userid in the file)

So it seems that when the userid is renamed, the association isn't

How best to handle this?


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