Hi All,

I am having some issues here.

I have IDM 4.0.1 and Notes server version is 8.5.2.

Through Notes driver (with Remote Loader), I tried to delete a user in
Notes. This user has a conflict document. (for more detail about this
conflict please refer to paragraph below).
Notes driver successfully deleted the original document but the
conflict document remains. I need this conflict document to be deleted
as well.
Has anyone encountered this issue? How to solve this problem from IDM
side and Notes side.

One of these conflicts can occur when a process (database replication
or a Notes client saving data) attempts to save a document, but realizes
that it's in-memory copy is different from the disk copy. When a
replication or save conflict occurs within a Notes database, Notes
creates a conflict document that is essentially its in-memory copy of
the original document with the slightly different data. This different
data is what is causing the conflict, and because Notes isn't sure which
data should persist, the new conflict document is created (with a new
and different UNID) to save this separate copy of the data.


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