I can query and submit events to adir with my scripting driver
powershell, but I have still a problem to publish.

My Poll.ps1 test script is :

# *****************************************
# * Add implementation-specific code here *
# *****************************************

$cn = "idm7test7"
$description= "testscripting"
if ($cn -eq "") {
idm_statuserror "Poll event: nothing to do cn= $cn description =
else {
idm_publishinit "MODIFY"
idm_publishvalue "CN" $cn
idm_publishvalue "DESCRIPTION" $description
idm_statussuccess "Publish event processed - cn = $cn"

I can read the idm_statussuccess message in the log, but the event is
missing informations :

<nds dtdversion="1.1" ndsversion="8.6">
<product build="Apr 13 2012 11:56:57" version="4.0.1"/>
<modify event-id="20121010143638Z#0000800000"/>

I do not find any working example in the documentation...

Thanks for your help.


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