The item is defined in the Designer Driver Configuration Page as:
Name: broker_0.unique-id
Type: string
Specify an identifier for this broker in the IDM namespace

I also see this defined on the Documentation as:
Broker ID: Specifies an identifier for this broker by which it is known
in the Identity Manager namespace.

Which seems funny refering to the boker id as part of the IDM namespace.
I at least think it is most likely part of the JMS namespace.

When you install the JMS driver picking WebSpehere as the JMS system,
the value defaults to:
'WebSphere MQ 6'

So really, would anyone have any ideas what this refers to?

If I am using "WebSphere MQ 7', and I enter that as a value, I get the
same message.

So far, I can find no values that work and constantly get:
BEGIN Get connection factory
DirXML: [10/10/12 12:49:14.63]: TRACE: Looking-up JNDI connection
factories on broker 'WebSphere MQ 6'.
Message = Exception caused by SubscriptionShim.execute()
at .class$(


Thank You for your help!

Jim Willeke