I have done 3 IDM migration projects in 2012, from IDM (3.5, 3.6) to
IDM (4.0.1, 4.0.2) ( eDirectory migration is inculded from older to
8.8.6 or 8.8.7 )

The Summary of the plan was

- Repairing the old eDirectory servers
- Install new servers ( recent OS, RHEL6 or WIN2K8 ) and meet
- Add the new servers to the tree of old server so they will be in
replica ring
- Adding eDirectory servers to the replica ring, repicate IDM driverSet
and drivers policies, only parameters are not replicated ( drivers
authentication Info, ... )
- So I go to designer add new Servers to the project, fill the drivers
parameters on the new servers , start drivers, and do testing
- Once testing is OK I remove the old servers from the tree ( the
eDirectory master will be moved to new server )

As I will soon do a migration form (IDM 2, eDirectory 8.7.3) to (IDM
4.0.2, eDirectory 8.8.7 ) I wonder if this plan will be still valid

As the IDM version is older, I ask you the question if driverSet when
replicated to new eDirectory/IDM , drivers can start and work

The questions could be asked as follow, are driver policies of IDM 2
compatible with IDM 4.0.2, or they must be rewritten ?


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