I use Delimited Text Driver to create dates into the Vault. The feed
comes from HR as CSV. I had to change the date format before creating.
So, I created a rule in the Command Transformation Policy and it works
the way I wanted.

My question is: When I look at the IDM Traces, I see the date which
was read from the CSV and the transformed Date in the document that goes
in the vault finally. As a result, if the attribute that I am writing
is multi-valued, it writes both the dates in the directory. But, if I
make single-valued, the transformed date is being written. So, I made
the attribute single-valued to meet my requirements. But what should I
do, if I don't want IDM to send a document with both the dates in it.
Start Dt is mapped to modStartDt in the schema mapping policy and is
allowed in the filter.

Eg. Here is the Document.(I am inserting the "/" in between the numbers
in the command transformation policy)
<nds dtdversion="1.1" ndsversion="8.6" xml:space="default">
<add class-name="User" dest-dn="mycomp\people\10001" src-dn=" ">
<add-attr attr-name="CN">
<value type="string">10001</value>
<add-attr attr-name="Given Name">
<value type="string">Test</value>
<add-attr attr-name="Initials">
<value type="string">M</value>
<add-attr attr-name="Surname">
<value type="string">User</value>
<add-attr attr-name="StartDt">
<value type="string">09172012</value>
<add-attr attr-name="modStartDt">
<value type="string">09/17/2012</value>

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