IDM 3.5 running on a NetWare server, trying to mimic the customer
environment, have not yet patched to 3.5.1 (which is the version that
the customer has), we are trying to start the user migrate from the prod
eDir tree to the vault IDM tree, and we are not seeing any progress,
when looking under IDM Driver Cache inspector we are seeing all of the
sync and modify messages, but none of them has processed.

Further on the DSTRACE screen on the NetWare server we are seeing,

Message: (-9956) DirXMLVerbHandler::construct : An error occurred while
constructing an object: failed, invalid request (-641)

Any thoughts on where the troubleshooting can start? One thought was
updating to 3.5.1 just to see if that might fix something, but not sure
how that would work with the driver still not processing anything.

Thank you,

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