Hi all,

My idm currently have 2 SAP User Mgt drivers running on v3.6.
I plan to add another SAP User Mgt driver, but the requirement is using
JCO3. This means I have to use v4.0.1 of the SAP User Mgt driver.
I don't plan to upgrade the existing 2 drivers anytime now.

So my first question is, can I install the v4 SAP User driver into the
idm together with the v3.6 SAP User drivers?
Can the idm work with 2 different versions of the drivers?

I have a Remote Loader running on Windows VM.
There is currently a SAP User driver in the RL.
I know of the existing problem where 2 SAP drivers cannot exist on the
same IDM without 1 of them using the RL.
My second question is, can 2 SAP drivers run on the single RL?
If it is not possible, then can a OS run 2 instances of RL?


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