working with a null driver I need to write a log file.
Ok, I found the writeLog function in the NOVLLIBAJC-JS library.
I write my policy and rule and I use this statement:
es:writeLog($roleChangeLogName, $outputNode, UTF-8)

I test with the Simulator and it doesn't find the function so I add the
library to the ECMASript tab in the Driver Configuration and now the
simulator works.

Now I want to deploy the driver but I dont have access to my system so I
need to do an export of the driver, it does not let me.
If I remove the ECMAscript reference I can export it but with it in ther
it does not.

This is clearly a bug, will go on and report it.

But on to the question, it this reference really needed or was that just
for the simulator to work?


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