So when you work on your own custom Package, you have sort of three

1) Build - make a JAR file out of it, importable into other Designer
2) Release - A tick box during build step, that locks it so no further
changes allowed.
3) Publish - After built (might need Release too, I forget) you can
'publish' to a directory.

The difference is that #1 and #2 give you a series of JAR files.

If you want to set up an Import source that Designer can check for
updates (as it does at startup) you need to Publish it to a directory.

This splits the JAR files into really three things.

a) Features directory
b) Plugins directory
c) site.xml file with the list of packages on this site.

If one had say 10-20 packages built and never published them, and wanted
to suddenly convert them all into a Publish site, and get them all split
up right, and site.xml updated.

Any simple way, short of right clicking them all one by one, and
updating them into one file system directory.

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