We are in the process of rolling out an instance of the scripting driver
and are having some issues on the remote loader side. One of those
issues is with getting the trace function to work. When we use the trace
function from our scripts, it does not actually write anything to the
trace file. For example we have the following line our subscriber.pl

$idmlib->trace("<====== Executing subscriber script ========>");

But this does not actually write anything to the
/opt/novell/usdrv/logs/trace.log file.

The driver shim does write other things to the file. Status messages
are getting back to the IdM sever, associations are coming back, etc. It
is just that the trace messages that we are trying to add to the trace
file silently go nowhere.

Has any had this problem? Has anyone gotten the trace method to work?

This is what our environment is like. Our remote loader is installed
under 64 bit RHL. The version is:

Novell Identity Manager Integration Module for Scripting
Version 3.6.1
Build Date 20091221_1151

We are using the Perl implementation and have the following
/etc/usdrv.conf file:

-tracefile /opt/novell/usdrv/logs/trace.log
-trace 4
-connection "ca=/opt/novell/usdrv/keys/ca.pem port=8090"
-httpport 8091
-path /opt/novell/usdrv/

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