Novell Identity Manager 4.0.1 SE
Windows Server 2008 R2
eDirectory 64-bit


We are running lots (60) of the IDM drivers on our machine and it looks
like after a while the dirxml drivers sync goes very slow & slow & slow
and dead in the end. We have added more heap size on the driver set
level as Maximum Heap Size ;536870912
but still not a big difference but works well for few days. We see one
thing when we unload/load dirxml.dlm the sync goes faster again.

So i was wondering is it possible to schedule a Windows Task that can
unload and load dirxml.dlm every day on the nds services on the idm
machine ?

restarting whole eDirectory services is alternative, but its not
preferred because of downtime of ldap services running on that box.

Any suggestion to these heave loaded java drivers? or some tunning


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