I have an IDM 3.6.1 driver set with a User App (Standard), Entitlement
and a couple of other drivers associated with a server in a tree with 2
other servers all running eDir 8.8.7. Everything has the latest patch
update. I need to replace the physical server this driver set is
associated with, so I need some clarification.

In most of the documentation I am reading and some of the posts in the
forum, I keep running into the topic of migration for the User App
driver. When I read the section about driver migration I see references
to driver upgrade. If the driver set will be associated with a server
running the same engine version, do I need to follow the migration path?
Or is it safe to simply re-associate the drive set with the new server
and reset some of the configuration parameter (passwords, etc) for the
new association?

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