I am trying to make my (soap) driver kindof entitlement aware.
The destination system and source (edir) does have a slightly different
views on roles.

What I have done is made som valued entitlements on the driver, one for
each of the destination systems roles.
I can, upon assigning those entitlements to a role (via a ressource) add
a value to the association, thus giving the users an entitlement
assignment with a value.

On the subscriber event transform, I process this, reads a couple of
other attributes, concatenates it to a string, and attach this to a non
existing attribute "PrivilegeGroup"

<modify-attr attr-name="PrivilegeGroup">
<value type="string">Scope:097c7ee2-37b5-4900-

I figure this would be rather easy to process in a stylesheet later on.

The filter setting on this non existing attribute is like this

<filter-attr attr-name="PrivilegeGroup" merge-authority="default"
publisher="ignore" publisher-optimize-modify="true" subscriber="sync"/>

It seems like, when the attribute leaves the event transform, this
attribute is removed from the xds document ( backwards query I suppose, I
think that since it does not exist in edir it is removed from the
Where do I fail? I would really like to have it all the way to the output