Do I need both channels running for reciprocal attributes to work?

I am writing a bi-directional driver to an LDAP eDirectory.
what I want to do is to sync dynamicGroup from the IDV to Group in the
LDAP target, that is not really possible since it holds no members.
So I created a dn attribute on the user "dynamicGroupDN" and sychronize
that to groupMembership, works nice.
Now I need to write the member attribute for the Group so I add a
reciprocal mapping.
"dynamicGroupDN" for any objectclass to Member for any objectclass,
that should be enough but for the compleation I also added it backwards,
member for any objectclass to "dynamicGroupDN" for any object class.

Strange thing is that even though "dynamicGroupDN" adds perfectly in
the LDAP directory, I get nothing about the reciprocal mapping in the
trace, not even an error.

I only synchronize on the subscriber channel right now.


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