Hello everyone,

Maybe someone has an idea for this situation.

We are interfacing with a webservice. We are using a soap driver.
Between 22:00 and 06:00 the webservices backend is down. I have also seen
this happen during daytime btw.

Our issue is that the response we get in that situation is

ST: Response code and message: 200 OK
and an soap envelope with

Normally we interpreted all 200s as "I got your transaction, and
everything was fine, thank you". But that means that the transaction in
question is eaten by the soap server. Byebye salary information :-/

Since the soap driver have for obvious reasons not been configured to
retry html return code 200, we have to find the actual response and get
the specific error "soapenv:server". Not difficult.

What we would LOVE to do now, is to tell the driver that this operation
is to be retried. Can we do that on the driver?

Alternateley we could write some attribute to the object with the value
"RETRY" and have the driver find those in a hearbeat and process them
again, but that is not really nice.