Hey everyone... I am trying to add a rule that watches for an attribute
to change, and then add the old value to a new attribute. The idea is
to keep a historical (probably only one value) record of what the last
value was. The source data store is eDirectory, and I'm trying to make
the rule in the loopback. The issue I'm having is that I can't find a
good way to detect that the attribute is changing. The only way that I
really know how to do it is to leverage the "if operation attribute"
condition along with the "changing" operator. In all the testing I did,
I never saw the rule fire because it never saw a change in the
attribute. So, I decided to add the attribute to a local variable to
see what the value was just before the rule that detects the change. As
it seems, the operation attribute is null, which is why it never sees a
change. I have tried this rule in both the event transform and the
command transform with the same results. Does anyone know if we can use
operation attribute in the loopback, or do we have to do
source/destination (which doesn't have a 'changing' operator).

Thanks for any help you can provide!!

Here is a snippet of the log.

2/06/12 10:52:24.327]:LB ST: Evaluating selection criteria for rule
'Test-Add Variable'.
[12/06/12 10:52:24.327]:LB ST: (if-class-name equal "User") =
[12/06/12 10:52:24.327]:LB ST: Rule selected.
[12/06/12 10:52:24.327]:LB ST: Applying rule 'Test-Add Variable'.
[12/06/12 10:52:24.328]:LB ST: Action:
[12/06/12 10:52:24.329]:LB ST: arg-string(token-op-attr("Given
[12/06/12 10:52:24.329]:LB ST: token-op-attr("Given Name")
[12/06/12 10:52:24.329]:LB ST: Token Value: "".
[12/06/12 10:52:24.329]:LB ST: Arg Value: "".
[12/06/12 10:52:24.330]:LB ST: Evaluating selection criteria for rule
[12/06/12 10:52:24.331]:LB ST: (if-class-name equal "User") =
[12/06/12 10:52:24.331]:LB ST: (if-op-attr 'Given Name' changing) =
[12/06/12 10:52:24.331]:LB ST: Rule rejected.
[12/06/12 10:52:24.331]:LB ST:Policy returned:
[12/06/12 10:52:24.332]:LB ST:
<nds dtdversion="3.5" ndsversion="8.x">
<product version="">DirXML</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>

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