I have a problem at a customer. I have IDM 4.0.2 (with eDir 8.8.7) with
latest servicespacks installed (IDM 1a and eDir) on windows server 2008
R2 (64 bit) with 8GB internal memory.

Problem is: the server takes about 8GB of memory after time... and then

Due to the fact that we have very large queries in two JDBC drivers
(groups with 30.000 users) we need 2 GB of HEAP space assigned to the
driverset. The eDirectory cache (via iMonitor) is set on 512MB.

After time dhost.exe takes about all the server memory and i cannot
explain why. In my opinion it should not take more than the 2GB heap,
512 MB cache plus maybe some more......

Can anyone explain this ?

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