On 18.12.2012 11:14, stavae wrote:>
> How do I transfer this discussion to the Engine section ??

I've fixed that (I hope)

On 18.12.2012 11:14, stavae wrote:[color=blue]
> alexmchugh;223481 Wrote:
>> On 17.12.2012 15:44, stavae wrote:
>> However, your example event was a User add (not a group add) and the
>> engine didn't find any attributes in the the event that should have
>> mapped to an extensionAttribute. If this is not the behaviour you
>> expected, then you need to revise your driver filter and schema mapping.

> I'm not sure I understand.
> In my schema mapping, the extension Attributes are indeed mapped under
> "Group" class.......not "User"

If that is what you are trying to achieve (extension Attributes mapped
under "Group" class), then it's working properly.

It's just that your trace showed only a user event and because you don't
have any extension attributes mapped to user attributes, nothing happened.

Do you understand?