The IDM is running on Suse 11 sp1 + idm 4.0.1a + eDir v8.8 sp7

Novell recommends the H/A in the version 4.x or later which should be
add 2 more servers to form the H/A;

I installed 2 more Suse 11 sp1 + idm 4.0.1a servers, totally 3 servers,
I named them as A, B and C;

After successfully installed the 3 servers, I add the B and C by Add
server tag under Servers / Overview / Driver Set Overview, then added
the replica to server B and C;

Then copy and paste all the xml info of the rule sets to server B and

After I switch off the Server A which is the 1st server holding the
driverset when 1st create it;

Then the driver rule sets can be run normally in server B or server C
<- expected;

However, when I try to modify some parmaters , say the default Password
Sync Timeout is 5 mins, I try to change it to 4 mins and click the Apply

The following error comes up:-

NDS Error -626 (Error -626) The object could not be found. It is
possible that the object exists, but the server could not commnicate
with the server holding a copy of the object;

I ensure that I've chosen server B or Server C to serve the driver set
in the interface "Add server tag under Servers / Overview / Driver Set

There is nothing wrong if I add a new driver when the server A is down;

It is found that the H/A cannot be functioned when modify any driver

In the mean while, when I check for the Mandatory Parmaters of one of
the driver, the "For server" always point to Server A, even I can choose
Server B and Server C, it points back to Server A promptly;

As Server A has been down for test the H/A, the values of the Driver
Parameters, Driver Global Configuration Values and Driver Set Global
Configuration Values are gone, it shows No mandatory parameters.

I have no idea whether it causes the problem of cannot modify the driver
set which holding in Server B and Server C when Server A is down.

Any idea?

Thanks & Regards,


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