I'm posting quite alot these days. I know. Every single colleague is
hung up with tons of work these days!

So, a customer is adding a Windows Server 2008 R2 DC to their domain.
The current DC is a Windows 2003 SP2. To get password syncronization to
work with the new and shiny DC, i need to install the pwFilter.dll on
it. I've read some of the documentation, but I'm still not quite sure on
what to do. As I see it, there are 3 possibilities:

1. Is it possible to just add the new DC to the list of host machines,
in the Identity Manager PassSync tool on the old 2003 DC, and that will
automaticly install the pwFilter.dll on the new DC?
2. Do I need to upgrade that tool to a newer version of PassSync, and
then add it?
3. Do I install the entire feature on the new 2008 DC?

Eventually the old 2003 DC will be shut off, and the new one will take
over. So, a new AD driver will eventually take over and talk with the
new server. An upgraded remote loader will also be installed on the new
server and PassSync aswell. But for the time being, they just want the
new 2008 to be a part of the domain, and have PassSync working(of


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