I am actually upgrading from eDirectory / IDM 2.0.1 on Windows
to eDirectory / IDM 4.0.2 on Linux, every thing is OK and all
the difficulties have been solved

The last step is to upgrade AD RL and PassSync in order to complete the
whole upgrade

I downloaded "Identity_Manager_4.0.2_Windows_Standard.iso" file and
mount it on the AD DC

The DC has already an old Remote Loader installed, the old Remote Loader
version shown in the trace is ""

<attr attr-name="driver-version">
<value type="string"></value>

While browsing contents of "Identity_Manager_4.0.2_Windows_Standard.iso"
I found "ADDriver.dll" file, I just copied it to the old Remote Loader
location and restart the Remote Loader and Active Directory Driver, the
trace now shows version ""

<attr attr-name="driver-version">
<value type="string"></value>

I did some technical tests on the Driver ( adding users, creating mail
boxes, ...) and it seems to work

My question is , is this a safe ( and easy ) way to upgrade Remote
Loader ? is that a reliable way ?

I found as well some PassSync DLLs, "pwFilter.dll" and "PSEvent.ddl".
Having actually PassSync V2 , am I able to upgrade PassSync by copying
these files some where on the file system on the DC ? Do I need to copy
these files on all the Domain Controllers ? please help


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