Good day, my customer recently completed a Migration from IDM 3.5.1 to
IDM 4.0.2 during the migration process the actual Driver (they currently
use an eDir to AD driver for simple adding or deleting users from
eDirectory into AD). That said with the procedure now complete they are
seeing something strange when they check the version numbers of the IDM

Component : IDM Metadirectory Engine version: 3.5x
Component: IDM User Application Service Driver version: 3.5x

It is similar for each item listed they are reporting as version 3.5x

However; when they do a Version Discovery of the Vault

It reports back

Found eDirectory attributes associated with Identity Manager

Can anyone shed some light on the mismatch? Or if further information is
needed please by all means let me know and I will be happy to provide
additional details.

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