I have already open a similar thread, but just to avoid confusion this
is a new one dedicated to PassSync upgrade precise question

I am actually upgrading from eDirectory / IDM 2.0.1 on Windows
to eDirectory / IDM 4.0.2 on Linux, every thing is OK and all
the difficulties have been solved

On the same TREE I have (eDirectory / IDM 2.0.1 on Windows) and
(eDirectory / IDM 4.0.2 on Linux)

I have an Active Directory Driver with PassSync on a Domain Controller
and I would Like to do a particular upgrade way

On the DC I had already an Old Remote Loader on "C:\Novell\RemoteLoader"
communicating with IDM 2.0.1

I did Install a new Remote Loader on "C:\Novell\RemoteLoader2" and
configure it to communicate ( different port ) with IDM 4.0.2

Only One Remote Loader/Driver is started at once, this enables me to do
a Roll Back to IDM 2.0.1( stop IDM 4.0.2 Driver/RL and Start IDM 2.0.1
Driver/RL, The customer wanted it works that way )

The Old and New Remote Loader are operating correclty so Far, and when
the customer is satisfied by IDM 4.0.2 I will remove IDM 2.0.1 and the
Old RL instance

The precise question is about PassSync :

When Installing IDM 4.0.2 Remote Loader on "C:\Novell\RemoteLoader2" a
directory "C:\Novell\PassSync" has been created it contains some DLLs ,
I know these are for Password Synchronisation , but My Question is How
to use them to upgrade the actual PassSync ? via PassSync console ?
Please help me


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