Hi guys, I'm having trouble with some things in Idm and I want some
help, please.

1) Working with attributes in LDAP:

I have to pick up of an attribute inside a group in the eDirectory LDAP,
but I dont know how? I tried many things like creating a class in the
DAL and searching for it, but I can't find out what is wrong.

2) I want to pick up some info in an attribute that is multivalued and
look up in another multivalued attribute if the values match:

For example: A user created in eDirectory has an attribute named
"UserTraining", and inside this attribute are the values (1, 2, 3). A
group in eDirectory has an attribute named "RequiredTrainng" with the
values (1,2). I need to make a correlation to check if the attribute
"UserTraining" has the required values in "RequiredTraining" but I am
not finding anything helpful.

Please, let me know if you have understood the questions.

Best Regards.

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