I had a tree with IDM 2.0.1 on eDirectory 8.7.3 on Windows 2003

I did a successful inplace upgrade to IDM 3.5.1, and With
iManager_2.7.5_ IDM_4.0.1_plugin I was asked to convert drivers to the
new format I did that

After that I added a new eDirectory Linux and installed IDM
4.0.2 and configured the drivers

After Adding IDM 4.0.2 in the DriverSet Server List, I am no longer able
to display the drivers overview with the message :

After removing IDM 4.0.2 server form DriverSer List I am able to display
the drivers overview

When I downgrade the iManager IDM plugin to IDM 3.6.1 plugin I am able
to display drivers overview even when IDM 4.0.2 is in the DriverSet
Server List

This sounds like a bug

Is there any way to convert Old Drivers to IDM 4.0.2 format ?

Thaks for help


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