I'm new to IDM install. Let me explain a bit my case. We have IDM 3.6.1
running AD Driver, Google, Entitlement, etc and all of that installed in
serverA with driver set called dset1. So i have just finish a task
assigned to me to create new SLES, joined to the vault - IDV then
install IDM 4.0.2 there using the integrated installer. All works fine
and i created new dset in serverB, lets call dset4. After that i follow
the AD driver install doc from Novell and AD driver successfully

My very newbie question, so whats next? how can i sync the user object /
manage group and sync password from IDV to AD? So my situation we
currently have 1 AD driver up and running on 3.6.1 (dset1) managed AD
for Citrix domain (add user, group, password sync from idv to AD) AND
then i need to setup additional AD on dset4 (that i have already done)
but i dont know what to do next to sync the user from IDV to the new AD

In our current IDM 3.6 Entitlement, i know that the account creation in
AD is triggered by the RBE at dset1. So do i need to setup a new
entitlement driver in dset4? please someone explain to me with example
if possible


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