Hello all,

I am troubleshooting a transaction that starts as a user sync via the
Google apps driver. The trace document for this transaction does
indicate a stored user password up until the point where we do the
Transform Dist Pwd. After that policy, the password attribute in the
document is empty. I am comparing the trace for a successful password
sync to this user's eDir to Google sync, and they progress exactly the
same way.

I've been searching the Forums, and found a topic that I think may be
relevant: Active Directory, only change passwords of new IDM accounts. A
response by Lothar Haeger says that from eDir to AD, "When matching
with an existing account, unless the original operation was a password
change, the password is not sent." Is this what is causing the Google
password to become null? If not, any ideas why it falls out?

Thanks for any help...


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