We are tryin to bring over users and change format in the process.

Our 1st user is JSMITH, and a User JLSMITH.
We are changing the naming conventin when it hits the ID vault to
"JohnSmith" (Attribute ("Given Name") + Attribute ("Surname") )
When we bring over the 2nd user and it has the same "Given Name +
Surname" it comes through the matcghing policy that it already exists.
We want to handle that and add the Middle Initail for the Second User.
"JohnLSmith" (Attribute ("Given Name") + Attribute ("Initials") +
Attribute ("Surname") )

Our 1st option is "JohnSmith"
Our 2nd option is "JohnLSmith"
Our 3rd Option is "JSMITH"
Our 4th Option is "JLSMITH"
Our 5th Option is "JohnSmith1"
Our 6th Option is "JohnSmith2"

I'm trying to us an "if" statement to see if they exists durign my
creation policy and if they do change the Destination DN and try again.
I have tried it a bunch of ways and can't seem to make it work. I may be
in the wrong ball park.

Has anyone been successfull doing this? Your help would be appreciated.

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