I have ocnfigured the FanOut driver on linux (eDir 8871, IDM402) and
created a bunch of platformSets and platforms associated with them.
Search objects were added pointing to eDir groups. All is well. I

I had to remove a few of theese groups from eDir (not needed anymore),
and removed the associated search objects from the platform sets.

Now when I do a trawl I see those search groups in the logs with an
error - DIR025D No Such Object. , not suprised since they are removed.
The group object are still left in the census though.

Another strange thing is that the manuals on the webb, 6.5.1, it
mentions Fan-Out Driver Configuration > Configure Census "Inactive
Enterprise User and Group Actions." Cant find that on the page.

Also is it safe to delete objects below "ASAM System/"Event driven
objects"/Census/ that no longer have any corresponding eDir object with


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