Iím wondering if anyone might have an idea on this. Iím needing to
capture the username of the person making changes to a different account
in UserApp. Some of our users have the ability to change another users
information from within UserApp, like telephone number, Title, etc. The
issue Iím having is that if they input the data in the wrong format, I
need to be able to notify them automatically via email. However, I
canít see anywhere, where I can identify the user making the change. If
I could assume that the user was making changes to their own account,
this would be easy, but I have to assume that someone else is making the

I was hoping that the ďmodifiersNameĒ operational attribute would be
updated with the proper name when the user account was updated in
UserApp, but itís not (the modifier is logging in with their own creds).
Iím not seeing any other attribute that might have this information.
If I can somehow capture the modifiers username, and write it to an
attribute or something like that, that would be fine.


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