Hi all,

I set the password expiration notification job on the driver set to send
the notification template due to users who have password expires in 5,
4, 3, 2 days. two problems:
- While using the telnet command line I can send the mail from the IDM
server (so the connection is ok) , the mail is not sent if I run the job
by imanager.

- In the log I see that the password expiration values ​​are
all set for 00:00 (ie 20130130230000Z) and not all users have the
password that expires at midnight. I can't change this value because it
is a field "list" that allows only enter a range of values

the IDM server is a SLES 11sp1 with IDM 4.0.1 imanager 2.7.4 edirectory
mail server is configured correctly in imanager



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