Hi, We're working through a series of platform upgrades (AD, Domino and
IDM/eDir) as with anything of this nature things that were supported
become unsupported and vice versa. As per the title our issue is
around setting the user.id file password from IDM with the Domino ID
Vault enabled. Without the Domino ID enabled the documentation
(http://tinyurl.com/aqbdxzt) states that the user.id file location on
the file system needs to be specified then the RL and shim use the API
to initiate a password change as if it was being preformed by the user.
When we enable the Domino ID Vault the users ID files are integrated
into the Domino ID vault and we not longer have an ID file on the file
system to specify in the driver. The documentation included in the
driver doc for the Domino ID vault doesn't address password changes
(http://tinyurl.com/aw4cgje We currently don't have id file password
synchronised (HTTP password works in Dev and will be rolled forward once
we have some clarity on ID file password) Thanks in advance Aaron

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