I'm testing this free PWNotify driver in our lab and have installed it to
our 4.x IDVault.

1) What I really need to do is monitor/alert for the state of user passwords
in the production eDir tree, not the IDVault tree. Can I do it somehow with
this driver running on the IDVault or do I need to install it to the IDM
server on the production tree?
Our setup simple:
ProdTREE <--> IDVaultTREE <--> AD

2) Right-now I'm getting massive amounts of e-mails (in lab) and I can't
seem to stop them, unless I stop the driver. How can I stop it?
I had manually run that "PWNotifyTrig-job-Trigger" for a large scope looking
to see results. When results finally started coming, they now won't stop.
I probably received over 30000 e-mails so far and still coming.