I'm having some trouble working out the logic for something thhat ought
to be fairly simple. Its for a SAp HR driver, but the principle should
be generic. The Matching attrbute for edir users into this driver is
workforceID, which in this caseis numeric. One or two of the helpdesk
users hve managed to develop the habit of entering an incorrect
workforce ID and then correcting it later, and from time to time they
enter a valid id which associates. In practice the workforce id should
never change, so in the event of a workforce id changing I now want to
unassociate the user and get it to match up again with the new corrected
workforce id.

The following, in ET, works well enough to trap the workforce ID
changing and do the remove of association, but from there on I haven'tr
worked out how to get the logic to do a match again on the change event.
It won't accept a find matching in the policy because its a change, and
of course the change won't go down the matching/add branch of the
driver. I somehow, I guess, need to turn the change into an add or
<if-op-attr name="workforceID" op="changing"/>
<if-class-name mode="nocase" op="equal">User</if-class-name>
<if-association op="associated"/>
<do-remove-association when="before">

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