Hi All,

We have a specific oracle database application, where we want to
distribute password changes into. (using the JDBC driver)

For this application to change the password, we need the new password
(of course), but also the previous (or old) password.
I tried several options to achieve this, with for example the
nspmPreviousDistributionPassword attribute (which gave some encrypted
stuff) or
the ECV setting dirxml.engine.use-password-event-values, which should
give both the old and new password.

However i'm stuck here, how do i get these values to use in the user DDL
or in al local variable, so i can use them?
I have seen examples in the lotus-notes driver, but that's not usable
for the JDBC (as far as i could see)

Anyone with bright ideas? thanks!

(dirxml.engine.use-password-event-values) or previous ndps

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