Trying to work out when direct takes affect with adding objects.

Where a policy rule is set to add destination object, where the class in
question has required attributes that can't be satisfied by the engine
(like additional object classes and naming attribute are), at what point
is the document actually sent to the directory for processing? For

<do-add-dest-object class-name="User" direct="true">

We know that "Surname" is required, above and beyond "CN" and "Object
Class", so once:

<do-add-dest-attr-value direct="true" name="Surname">

has been satisfied, when is the write handed to eDir?

Is it once the required attributes have been satisfied with direct
statements, or is it at the end of the rule, or at the end of the

The behaviour appears to differ from that of delete and set/add
destination attributes to existing objects, where direct is true, as
they appear to action the moment they are called.

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