I am hoping you can provide some guidance on what I am trying to achieve
- or even tell me its not the best way!

We have IDM3.6.1, and we are trying to push the unix information to an
OID. Users are LUM enabled in eDir (same tree as IDM) so this is where
the gidNumber, uidNumber, uniqueID etc are generated.

The trace information isn't useful as it tells me an LDAP error
occurred. I've checked the usual suspects such as empty values being
passed through, but everything seems to have a value in the input doc. I
can provide a trace if needed, but its too large to post here.
I have also tried adding the posixGroup aux class to a group in the OID,
and populated what I can see is the mandatory fields, but it doesnt seem
to work either.

Thanks in advance,

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