I am working on an enhancement on existing JDBC Driver on IDM 3.6 which
connects to Oracle 10g DB, In a given table on this DB I have to sync
the photos stored in CLOB column in the form of Base 64 to IDM. The
Driver's Publisher is running in Triggerless mode.

I am facing below issues with the CLOB column:

- Trying to get event when CLOB value is changed. Driver is able to
detect events on all other columns of the table except the CLOB one.
Is firing events based on CLOB column supported by JDBC Driver ?
- Assuming that the above won't work I modified the table to add
column to server as a flag and configured Driver to retrieve the value
of CLOB when an event is received. I am seeing that event in the logs
(when I am setting the flag in DB) but I am not able read CLOB column
value using read-src-attr value (on the publisher).

I have set the attribute mapping to flag as notify and attribute mapping
to CLOB as sync on Publisher Channel.

Can someone please guide me or throw pointers at what I should be doing
in this case

Thanks in Advance.

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