I am looking for a confirmation to the approach I want to use in the
I'm heading for SAP HR driver, however I have been given a limitation
that remote loader is not allowed to be installed on SAP HR host.
Instead IDocs are going to be (s)FTP to the other (other than SAP HR)
host and stored there on a file system. Note: Writing back to SAP HR is
also not in my design scope.

So I will need a remote loader on a this "different" server. I know that
picking up the IDocs should not be a problem. I am more concerned about
for example future-dated IDocs. My question is whether validating the
future-dated IDocs will be possible in my setup. Here I mean querying
back to SAP HR for validation on the driver level (by JCO I suppose). I
see in the documentation that to accomplish that all I need to do is to
set appropriately authentication parameters. Will this work for me?

Thanks, Piotr

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